Schedule a Visit

Simply call us at 516-731-6505 and have your insurance card and your primary physician’s name on hand.

We accept most major health insurance plans. Please call us to confirm that we accept yours.

Remember, cosmetic and aesthetic surgery are generally not covered by health insurance.

We’ll call you a few days before your appointment to confirm the date and time, and we’ll leave a message if we need to. Please call us back at 516-731-6505 to confirm your visit or re-schedule the appointment.

Your First Visit

You’ll be asked for your insurance card and your referral form, if you need one.

You’ll also be asked to fill in our Patient Information Forms. For your convenience you may download the forms for new patients (PDF format) and complete them in advance.

In our practice we take special pains to insure that our patients’ personal and medical information will be safe from unauthorized access. Our full privacy statement is included in the forms.